Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I am not alone yipppeee

Yay I have 3 followers. Thanks Chrissy, Eily & Sandra for signing on as my followers, its nice to know I'm not talking to myself lol.
Although I do talk to myself quite a lot as it happens, I hope that doesn't make me sound mad, but come on lots of people do it, don't they???????  Well I hope so anyway cos actually I am getting a little bit worried about doing it now.
I used to say I was talking to Lucy (our cat) rather than myself, but to be honest even though I do talk to her a lot (she seems to like it and purs at me quite a lot when I do)  half the time shes not even in the room when I'm muttering away, so it must be me I'm talking to. 
I think it doesn't really matter as long as I know I'm doing it and I don't expect an answer lol. Just so long as I don't do it in public I thought it was ok, but then the other week I did!!!!!!!!!!
Yep I talked to myself OUTSIDE on the STREET!!!!!!!
I was walking to the bus stop when I noticed a rattling sound  and I couldn't work out what it was. I couldn't see anything on my bag that could rattle n then I wondered if it was the buckles on my sandal boot things I was wearing (dunno what the proper term for them is but I call them bandals- boot+sandal = bandal) anyway they'd never rattled before so I wondered if they were coming loose. Then while looking down at them to see if they were rattling as I moved my foot I realised my necklace (a long one with chains and a large wirework shape on) was bouncing about and banging into the buckle of the belt I  had on, so mystery solved.
It was only as I said "OOh thats what it is" ..ALOUD !!!! ...that I realised I was talking to myself in PUBLIC !!!! ..and that I had probably also said   "Whats rattling?" and "is it mi bandal buckles coming loose?" aloud too.....
Oh dear I did feel a berk. I had a quick look round but I coudn't see or hear anyone nearby so hopefully I got away with it this time.
But it did make me wonder how many other times have I been out on the street talking to myself???
Maybe it's time I tried to stop talking to myself inside the house so I don't do it outside again by accident.


  1. .....they're coming to take you away ha ha hee hee ho ho.....:o)
    Hugs xx

  2. There's only one answer - LOOONNNEEEYYYYYYYY - but lovely

  3. Oh dear girls, it looks like I'm destined to be taken away pretty soon and put in one of those nice wrap aorund cardis with sleeves that tie at the back....Oh hang on..... is that the van I can hear pulling up outside?????????

  4. At last - found out how to message you on here - my 3 other messages are probably floating around somewhere and may even turn up at some point!!
    Anyway - love the blogs!!
    Jo xx

  5. I've heard this tale sis... as for talking to yourself nowt wrong with it.. what did i say nowt wrong with