Sunday, 4 March 2012

Thank you to all of you for your kind comments on last weeks blog.
Hubby and I are slowly getting used to the fact that Lucy isn't here anymore, the house feels very empty without her and I still keep looking round expecting to see her walking into the room or laying on her bed but not as often now.
The first few days after saturday I kept going over what had happened at the vets and worried over if we'd made the right decision but the vet had been quite definate she couldn't carry on as she was and said she didn't want us to bring her home and have her suffer. I know she couldn't have managed and wasn't likely to live long and seeing her suffer would have been worse than letting her go peacefully and calmly like we did so I know now we did the right thing for her but I still miss her terribly.
I've tried to keep myself busy this week making things and thinking about the craft fair I'm attending next weekend. I was thinking of cancelling my stall but mum said it would give me something to do and think about other than Lucy and it has helped.
I am panicking a bit now though that I haven't got time to make some of the things I wanted to, at the moment my stall looks like it will be mainly cushions as I seem to have got caught up in making them. 
When I booked the fair the other week I didn't have much made up to to take at all so its been a bit of a rush this week as I realised I don't have long left. I still have to think how I'm going to lay out my stall and find things to put things in and package and price everything too so I think this week will be busy busy busy.
I've redesigned the chick egg holder I made the other week to hold the egg in the back and have made quite a few of these to take to the fair and also because I have a few orders for them via facebook. I've added a pic and also a few pics of some of the cushions I made (but not all as this page will be long enough). Theres also a pic of a  welcome wreath and a heart banner I did this week. Besides these I've also made some more lavender hangers, hearts, bookmarks and a couple of pencil cases and make up bags but I still need to make some more things so I best say bye for now and get sewing.
Ooh before I go I have been reading and commenting on your blogs girls but I'm not sure they are always appearing also, I had trouble getting on a couple of blogs for a couple of days but I think I caught up with them all. Keep writing girls I like to keep reading. Chrissy and Julie I hope you both feel better soon x

race car cushion

caravan cushion

fleece flower cushion, did this one in reverse colourway too

heart aplique cushion i've done a blue one of this too

Welcome wreath

heart banner


  1. All your makes are looking good, especially the little chicks and that welcome wreath is lovely. Can you put some of your jewellery makes on your stall too - you never know. That would make you more diversified.

  2. Good idea from Chrissy..!!!
    You'll be fine though - you've done craft fairs before so you'll soon be in the swing of things.....
    glas to hear your feeling a bit better with regard to Lucy, although it will take time - its always so sad when you loose a pet.
    Jo. xx

  3. Hi Andie, I have got your comments no problem don't worry we always catch up with one another, and thank you for your lovely comments too. Fingers crossed I will be having my treatment on Tuesday, which should give me a bit of a boost.
    You are doing the best thing in keeping busy and doing what you love most, it will keep you in the right frame of mind. I know it hurts, it will get better.
    best wishes Julie.C