Sunday, 25 March 2012

Almost forgot to write my blog

Well strictly speaking I'm late with my blog as it is officially Sunday now and I suposedly write it on saturdays but better late than never. I really should be in bed as we all lose an hour in the morning and so I could do with every bit of bedtime tonight. As usual though time got away from me while I was doing some sewing, nothing exciting just some little hearts to stick on my magnetic pegs, but I was happily sewing away in my own little world when the tv programme I had on finished and I noticed the time. I have a tendency to lose track of time especially when sewing  but basically I do it lots of times really and always have. Its as if my mind is a butterfly and it flitters about between Andieland and the real world.
Last week my mum was going through some old papers and found my school reports which she gave to me, so earlier this week I thought I'd have a read, they aren't glowing and aren't quite terrible either but looking back I obvously didn't set the academic world alight lol and there is mention quite a few times of me drifting off into my own little world (although the teachers don't call it Andieland)
The first few years at junior school are the best. I don't sound too bad on those, I was a good reader and quite good at maths, quiet pleasant and interested to learn, especially when we were doing project work where i used to get quite involved. But, they do mention my writing and presentation being untidy (it still is) and that I had a tendency to drift off into my own little world.
From the fourth year at juniors onwards though my reports get a bit worse, there is quite a lot mentioned about me talking in class, getting distracted from work and not putting as much effort into my work so I could spend more time messing about with friends. This coincided with me taking a course of iron tablets after a new doctor realised I was anaemic and finally getting better after a long kidney infection that I'd suffered with most of my childhood. With the iron tablets I remember feeling like I had all this energy to chat and play and feeling like I couldn't sit still and I think I found it hard to concentrate for a long time. It was like I hadn't had the energy to be too chatty before but now I had and I didn't know when to shut up. My nannan said it was like someone had found the key and finally wound me up like a clockwork toy.
My reports in senior school all seem to say I could have done much better if I'd tried harder and put more effort in but I was content to just do what I had to to get the basic work done and not get into trouble. I think looking back that was true, I did ok and came out pretty average without too much effort so didn't bother to do more. If I'd put more effort in I would probably have come away with much better exam results and been a lot cleverer but I was never that ambitious and ok was good enough for me.
When I read the reports this week I must say I wasn't that proud of them, they're nothing to write home about but then again they do sum me up, thats me.  Oddly the best thing I found wrote on one of them was for the third year of junior school when the teacher wrote 'on first meeting her Andrea seems a quiet unassuming girl but when you get to know her you realise she has a lovely quick wit and a wonderful ability to lighten a situation I shall be sorry to lose her.' Its not learning or study related but thats the thing I noticed and liked most which probably says something about my academic leanings or lack of them.
I think the things that are most true on those reports and still current now are that I talk a lot,  have a tendency to drift of into my own world and that my writing and work presentation leaves a lot to be desired. If I were to get a report today I think it would still say 'could do better'.
I've noticed the time again and it almost time to turn the clocks forward so I think its time Average Andie say night night and pops of to sleep and dream in Andieland
Night night  xxxx


  1. There's nothing average about you Andie - you're a talented crafter who can turn her hand to most things. Add to that - a kind, thoughtful and obviously loving person. If there were exams in those qualities you'd be top of the class....!!