Sunday, 11 March 2012

First craft stall for Andies Accessories

I had my first stall at a craft fair as Andies Accessories yesterday. Hubby came with me and we both enjoyed it. I didn't sell loads but did make sales and covered my stall and the making costs and even made a little profit so I was very happy with that. It was a lovely venue and the other stallholders were friendly and nice so it was an enjoyable day. I had lots of nice and encouraging comments on my makes and quite a few people took business cards too, so although I didn't make lots I still think it was a successful day. I had been worried I wouldn't cover my costs but hubby said don't worry its a day outand an experience so think of the stall fee as payment for a day out but in the end we sold enough to cover it anyway so that was good.
I think the fair would have benefited from a bit more advertising though as it wasn't really that busy. I'm not sure what had been done to advertise but I had only seen it on the civic website, I think they have a newsletter so it would probably have been on that but there was no mention of it in the local paper and I hadn't seen any posters around town although there could have been some I don't know for sure. The organiser did go out with flyers into the town centre on the morning and managed to get some flyers put onto the trays in costa coffee in town which did bring some extra people in but apart from that I think they relied on stalls to advertise to their fans and family and friends.
Overall it was a positive experience and I'm glad I did it and will look for some more fairs to attend. It was nice to hear what people other than friends and family thought of my items and see what actually sold, which was quite a selection of different things, more or less a bit of everything so that was nice.


  1. You brave brave girl - three cheers to you - and so glad you made some dosh too - even more reason for three cheers. Wish I had your courage. I hide behind my computer I'm afraid.

  2. Well done you..!!
    I'm glas to hear your going to do more fates etc... I'm hoping to book some more in once the spring/summer events get going. It's good to know you covered your costs and made a little bit extra. Even if it wasn't a lot, it still feels good doesn't it...
    Jo. xx

  3. well done your stall looks fab