Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy St Patricks Day everyone.I'm not irish myself but well I just thought I'd mention it in case any of you are and I didn't realise.
Not done much today just a trip to the supermarket and had my mum over for the afternoon. We've been looking at holidays on the internet, mum and her friend are looking at coach trips so I was helping her check some of those out and then I was looking at Bath as a possible idea for hubby and I's little break for our 20th anniversary this summer. It's somewhere we've quite fancied for a while but were unsure if there would be much to do. After a look online today I think we're pretty sold on the idea. Just need to make final decision and find somewhere nice but not extortionate to stay now. I've been looking online for central hotels as Paul is very taken with the idea of parking up the car on arrival and not having to get in it again till departure day. We're thinkin a nice walk round the crescent, the jane austen experience, look at the lovely buildings, visit the nice gardens/park, sightseeing bus tour, maybe a boat trip, look round the shops and a trip to the theatre will be just the job, hopefully all in nice warm dry weather. Fingers crossed we get it because we don't have much look weatherwise with our holidays.
Crafting wise I've been a bit quieter this week after my frantic weeks of making things ready for the fair. I still made a couple of lavender hearts, a couple of phone cosys, some hair bobbles with yoyo type fabric puffs and a couple of russian doll  fabric keyrings as I can't seem to stop crafting for long.

I've been looking for some more craft fairs on a site call which you pop in your postcode and it list all the fayres registered near you in distance order, nearest first. I've found a couple I'm interested in doing and think the next I do will probably be in May although I havent booked it yet.
Right well thats all from me ladies have a lovely Mothers Day on Sunday and take care xx


  1. You just got to go to Bath - it's brilliant. Take a bus tour, you can hop on a off all day at various stops. A must is the roman baths and its museum - half at day at least there is needed. They have some lovely 'crafty' shops too, so take a large wallet and a mahusive shopping bag. The rest I will let you discover for yourself. Go book it

  2. I'd recommend Bath highly too... I've only done day trips but always wished I could stay longer... Beautiful place.
    I'd recommend bus holidays too - me & Hubby have been dong the 'coach trip' style holiays for several years now and find them amazing value for money. Go for it...!!!