Saturday, 31 March 2012

Just a quickie blog today as I'm off to do some sewing soon. I'm working on an order for another 2 personalised cushions but thought I'd pop in and say Hi.
The weather has changed today hasn't it, we went to a car boot sale today and boy it was cool, luckily I still had some gloves in my bag so at least my hands were warm. I don't go to boot sales normally as I don't like early mornings so usually miss them but this one started at 10am so we got up and ready a bit earlier than normal on a weekend and made it there with hubby, mum and my aunt before 11. Shocker to those who know me!!!!
Apart from the cold weather I enjoyed it, we bumped into a few people we knew for a little chat and I bought a few little bargains for my next craft stall, Auntie Jean did well and came away with a bag full too. I bought a couple of metal mug tree things for my hanging decs and a wooden shoe stand to use as a shelf.
I do find it intersting what people sell and buy though, I think I enjoyed the people watching as much as the shopping.


  1. I don't do boot fairs at all as I have enough crap at home and hubby does tend to buy more if we go.

  2. Sounds like you had a fund time, I must say I have never been to a boot fair yet, but was just thinking that I may need to do one myself, I have so much stuff its untrue. I need a really good clear out. Thanks for your comment Andie, can't wait to see your latest project. Take care. Sue :)

  3. Oooo, love a good boot sale myself...!!! I only tend to go to any when we're on holiday though - lol.
    You never used to see many craft stalls a few years ago but recently the few I've been to have had several craft related stalls & I've picked up some real goodies. There's one in Tenby that I always make sure I got to - there's a lady with a 'permanent pitch' who sells wool, buttons, fabric, threads - just about everything - we're are almost on first name terms..... !!

  4. Hi Andie, Thanks for your lovely comment.
    I am not surprised you have more orders for your cushions, you always make a nice selection.
    Car boot sales, we have lots of them here and I love looking round I am not one for buying lot's of things though. I mainly look out for old pattern books if I go too one.
    Happy Easter Weekend.
    best wishes Julie.C