Saturday, 25 February 2012

sad news

Today we had to make the sad decision to put our cat Lucy to sleep, yesterday her legs started collapsing on her and today the vet told us there was nothing they could do for her and it was best to let her go peacefully now than let her suffer.
I have written another blog about what happened but I don't want to upset people so if you would rather not read it please don't, I just wanted to write down what had happened for myself.
It is the blog before this so just avoid it if you don't want to read it
thanks Andie x


  1. Have just read your blog and commented. Love to you both xx

  2. So sorry to hear your news, we know only too well what it is to lose a much loved bet. Love to you both. Sue x

  3. Read you blog - so sorry Andie & Paul.....

  4. Hi Andie, I am so sorry to hear about your Lucy. My Tigger died recently too aged 15 and I am still cut up about it. Give it time and remember her best moments. I'm planning to do a mini scrap book of Tigger with cherished photos as a memento. Take care. Cathy H

  5. I am so sorry to hear your news Andie.
    big hugs from me. Julie.C xx

  6. Oh Andie, please forgive my bad spelling, I am so sorry. :)