Sunday, 19 February 2012


Hello all I was just about to go to bed when I remebered I'd not done my blog, I really am not doing well with remebering to do it yet.
My exciting news this week is I booked my first Andies Accessories stall at a craft fair. The fair is on the 10th of march so I need to get myself organised.Even though I did a few fairs with my jewellery a couple of years ago its  a new venue and I've never done one with my accessories so I'm nervous and excited. I'm starting to think of how to layout my stall and what to put on it and what I need to make.
Craftingwise this week started off as another cushion week as I'd had a couple of orders for personalised cushion at the end of last week and I made them up early this week . The first was for a seven year old who liked fish and was to have her name on it, between me and the customer we came up with a design on blue fabric with two felt clown type fish on. The second cushion was for a baby and my customer wanted his name and date of birth on plus a lion and a giraffe in a similar style to the fish cushion I'd done.

On Wednesday hubby and I went for our haircutting and found out it would be the last time our lovely hairdresser Kathy will cut our hair as she is leaving hairdressing in a couple of weeks. She has been having back problems for quite a while and had been thinking she couldn't continue in hairdressing standing stretching etc for another 20 years when an opportunity came up for her to buy a vintage clothes shop business nearby. I'm pleased for Kathy as it sounds a lovely exciting time for her and off course although a shop is hard work she wont have to stand and stretch in the same way all day everyday anymore so hopefully her back will benefit I will miss her though, she's a lovely lady who makes you feel really comfortable and we have some lovely chats.She shared the hairdressing business with another lady who is going to carry on so in future Leslie will be doing our hair, at least we don't have to look around for a new place to go but still I'm sad kathy is going.
On wednesday evening I had a go at making a little chick felt creme egg cover a little like the knitted ones, I'm not sure if i'll keep it the same style or tweak it a bit yet but I thought if I can get them okay I might make more to sell online and maybe take some to the craft fair.

Thursday and friday have mainly been housewifey days spent mostly cleaning and ironing but I did get time for a little crafting in the evenings and made a couple of little mini heart hangers with lavender in the middle heart and a couple of bookmarks.I also cut out fabric for a few more hearts and bookmarks.

I also found time on thursday while eating my lunch to do a bit of fabric shopping which arrived yesterday so now I cant wait to use it.

Well you're more or less upto date now with my not very exciting life girls so I'll say night night now thanks for reading Andie xx


  1. Busy busy bee. I bet you are crafting like mad to make sure you have enough for your craft fair. Hope it goes well and the weather is good - always gets people out if it is sunny.

  2. Well done on your continued success Andie - and well deserved too... Good luck in March. xx
    Oo er - new person cutting my hair would freak me out - it took me ages to find mine and she does it just right... and I still get a little jittery when I go even now..!!
    Thanks so much for my birthday gifts, so kind 0of you.
    Hugs from Jo. x

  3. What great news for you Andie on your venture with the craft stall for your Accessories, which you have nothing to worry about as your work will go down a treat. Just make sure you have a notebook handy for re-orders,(where will it be?)
    Anyway I like the cushions they are super, and the book marks and hearts.
    Have a great week. Julie xx