Saturday, 11 February 2012

Cushion week

Hello girls me again and this week on time yippeeeeeeeeeeee.yay. So I hope everybody is well, (Chrissy I hope your bug has left the building now) I hope you are all able to get out and about and aren't snowed in.
Luckily we haven't had much snow here in Barnsley which is good as I don't like it, sorry for those who like it, but to me it just causes too much trouble for us as a country, we just can't cope with it. It brings power lines down, makes roads impassible, causes road surfaces to crack, causes peoples pipes to freeze, build ups of snow on fragile roofs can cause them to break under the weight, people slip and break bones on it, the thaw can cause flooding, ooh and no end of other problems we seem to have.I know it can look pretty sometimes and its fun to make a snowman, go sledging and things but everytime I hear there's a chance of it I panic and dread it. So there you go there's my bah humbug bit.
I had worried that last weekends snow might stop me meeting my friend from Chesterfield for our planned  trip to Meadowhall on Monday but luckily even though she had more snow than us  the roads near her  were fine so we both made it for our shopping trip and it was a fun day.
This week on the crafting front I've been making cushions. On wednesday I felt like getting the machine out and sewing so thats what I did. It had a fab day in the kitchen singing away to my cds while I revved away on the sewing machine, making 4 cushions.

Well it was fab till my machine went wrong and started stitching really loose underneath. I had a good old fiddle tryed all the things suggested when I googled the problem but in the end I had to give up and pack it away unfixed,
On thursday I was thinking I may have to buy a new machine especially as I'd had a request for a personalised cushion for a customer so I decided to have one last look at it on thursday evening, fiddled a bit more and somehow got it working again, not sure how long for but it seems ok now. Touch wood it keeps working as I have that cushion to stitch up now the applique is done on the front and also I now have another one to make which was requested on friday by another customer.
In other news our nephew Matt who's been living with us for the last few years came back from his trip to  Australia today. We went to the airport this morning for him, sign in hand which my mum pinched as soon as we got there lol. After a 26 hour travelling time where he didn't manage hardly any sleep and a 10 hour time difference he arrived very tired but chatty and giddy. It reminded me of when he used to come and stay as a kid and he'd get overtired and be running around in chatty giddy mode before zonking out which he did at about teatime today. I don't know if he'll stay asleep overnight or end up awake and prowling round in the middle of the night.
Right well hubby has nodded off on the sofa now and is merrily snoring and heavy breathing away so I think I'll go now and ship him off to bed.
Ooh almost forgot I also made a little friend for Dotty my felt dolly I made last week, her name is Freda


  1. Wow, busy times.....
    Great news on your nephew coming home.
    I love your cushions, especially the button heart - very cute..!!
    I thought my machine had packed in just before Xmas. I switched it on and the light didn't come on so I looked at the plug & checked the fuse, had Hubby to look at it, paniced as I was right in the middle of a large order of Xmas hearts & generally started thinking of getting on ebay to look for another one.... Then I realised - it was just the bulb had blown.... boy, did I feel silly..!!!

  2. I love your beautiful cushions and the little dolls you have sewn. So adorable

  3. Well I am glad you have not had to much snow Andie, we are having milder weather here at the mo.
    I love these cushions, best one for me is the last one with the sculls and roses.
    Oh and two sweet dolly's, I know you were not that fussed when you made the first one but I think they are both good.
    Have a great week. best wishes Julie.C