Sunday, 5 February 2012

Oops one week in and I nearly forgot to write my blog this week

Hi blogettes nearly forgot to write my blog entry this week, not a good start is it. I only decided to start again trying to write at least one entry a week last saturday and already i'm a day late oopsy daisy.
Hubby will tell you I'm always late for everything, well I'm not ALWAYS late, but quite often I'm on the last push no matter how early I plan to be ready something always comes up n delays me.
Anyway here I am with this weeks entry, ooh that makes me think of listening to the charts on the radio when I was young '' and in at number one its this weeks new entry 'oops nearly forgot my blog'''
So what have I been upto this week? As usual not a lot of housework :0 shock horror yes I know I'm a lazy housewife. Quite a bit of sewing :) yippee and some shopping :):) double yippee.
I started my week off with a bit of shopping from Julies new website. I saw a fantastic little cottage pincushion on her blog which was iresistable so I went over to her new website and bought it quick before someone else bet me to it. It came early  this week and is gorgeous, at the moment its displayed on a shelf in the kitchen next to my teapot with the teacozy Jacqui knitted me last year.
mines the blue one

On sunday evening I made a little lavender filled bear, it was a bit of a pain as its only small and turning it out the right way and getting the lavender in all the small limbs was awkward but I do like him.

On Monday I couldn't decide what to have a go at there were so many things I fancied doing and I couldn't decide but then I popped on facebook and someone had asked for a cushion and a heart decoration making so there it was decided for me which is good because decissions along with punctuality and housework are not my strong point lol.

I had another order via facebook this week too but the items were ready made so I didn't need to sew them.
On tuesday my mum came over and we spent the day knitting and chatting we're both knitting baby blankets despite the fact neither of us have any babies.
On wednesday I made a lavender bunny and bird as friends for lavender ted they are both much easier than ted to make.

Then I decided to try another ted, well three attempts later they were all in the bin and no more teddies were made and I'm not sure if they will ever be.
Thursday and friday beside doing some housework and the dreaded ironing were spent getting together some stock for the shop that has some of my jewellery on display and taking it in. It was ncie to see Jan the shop owner again and have a catch up but I don't know how long I'll keep on taking things in cos I still think i'll give up with the jewellery soon.
Yesterday we went shopping as I needed some more cushion filling, some white cotton material  and I also bought a few fleece throws which I use for cushion covers etc.
Then last night I decided to try making a little felt dolly that I had been given a pattern for out of an old magazine a friend of my mum had found. The longest part was the hair as I figured out how to attach it and get it to come round and over her face but I did enjoy making her and think I'll probably make more. I don't know what I'll do with them though if I make them as I don't really think people will want to buy them and I'm a bit old for dolls.

Right so there you go girls thats my week and another long rambly blog done. Hope everyone is well and not snowed in, we only have a thin covering nothing to write home about.


  1. Hi Andie, Aw thanks for showing my pin cushion I am so glad you like it. I have added your Folksy link and face book link to my web, thank you for letting me do that. But as I mentioned to you in an email I could not add your Jewellery web link as Firefox were blocking it, so sorry about that and I don't think I can sort it out its a bit technical for me.
    I love your ted he is cute, and the cushion.
    Now I have made a few rag dolls in the past and I always dread making the hair, I think I cheated last time and added a hat, so I only had to make the hair around the edge.he,he,.
    Have a lovely week ahead.
    best wishes Julie.C

  2. Glad to hear you are still buzy with the facebook orders etc... Good for you.
    Loving Julie's gorgeous pincushions - I've got one of hers too - a teacup.
    Nice to see you back on here again Andie... don't forget next week, same time, same
    Jo. xx

  3. What an eventful week - makes me feel positively sloathsome. Haven't done a thing except change the bed linen and that wore me out - almost back to normal now and hoping to re-enter the world sometime this week. Car is under about 6" of snow at the moment so at least a few more days lounging around in my dressing gown. Just need the energy and 'go forth"