Saturday, 28 January 2012

Yoohoo Guess Who- is there anybody still following my blog???

Well hello blogettes yep, It's me, Andie, long time no write eh.
 I wonder if anyone will see my blog? its been quite a while since I wrote it last.
 I got out of the habit of writing it before christmas as I was busy with orders for Andies Accessories and after that I've felt like I've lost my blogging mojo, but after a chat with Chrissy earlier this week I thought I'd have another go and try and write at least one entry a week.
So here goes here's this week. 
I was a little worried that  I wouldn't be able to even write an entry because just lately I've had a bit of trouble leaving comments on friends blogs I follow, but today I finally managed to leave comments so yippeeeeeeeee.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm right now I'm here what shall I write about???? well .......... erm............. I don't know now, maybe I have lost my bloggin mojo, this may take a bit of getting back into.
Ok well what have I been up to lately? well I've been sewing a lot. I just love sewing, both by hand and machine, but just lately I seem to be really enjoying handsewing. I think its partly because I can sit in the living room with the tv on and chat to Paul while I'm sewing.  Also no matter how long I have free time wise I can fit a bit of handsewing in, whereas if I machine stitch I have to get the machine out and set it up on the kitchen table and sit in there alone so I tend to only machine sew when I have a full day free to go at it.
So what have I made this week, well I did get the machine out this week as I had a free day and thought I'd take the opportunity to get the machine out. I made this fleece cushion cover with a seperate removable inner cushion.

I also did some handsewing on a few evenings, making some felt keyrings. Firstly I made some in the style of the emoticon/smileys we use when texting/chatting on social media sites. I made the wink, cool sunglasses and happy smiling ones.

And then I made some heartshape ones in different felts with little wooden heart shape buttons.

I sold a couple of these yesterday so that was nice.

Besides sewing things I finally got around to starting the long put off job of checking and sorting the stock for my jewellery website and today I have reduced a few items and put them in the special offers section. I will be reducing some more pieces soon and I have some pieces I made but never got round to putting online to add to the site too so I'm hoping to get those photographed and added within the next week .
My jewellery site has been quiet recently and I have been thinking of giving it up but I have lots of pieces made and lots more beads here so thought I'd hang onto it a little longer and see what happens. I'm not expecting much change though to be honest as more or less everywhere you go sells jewellery now and its so easy to pick a piece up while yourout  buying something else,  so why would people come and look online and wait for it being delivered. Also the fashion at the moment seems to be big bold pieces and that isn't really my style but my web hosting doesn't run out till autumn so I'll hang on for a bit longer and see.
At least I'll have plenty of jewellery to choose from when I feel like a new a piece, while sorting it out the other day I took a few pieces out of stock to keep for myself.
Well I think thats enough from me for now so night night blogettes, keep blogging and I hope someone has read this lol
Andie x


  1. HELLO HELLO HELLO - nice to see you back again Andie. So glad the sewing side has taken off for you - brilliant makes as always, and I can ladies vouch for Andie's work as I have a fair few bits and they are amazing value for money - in fact too cheap really, but not cheap on quality. I see you can leave comments now - did it work - removing a blog and then re-adding it, or did it just start behaving properly again. Can you use some of your beads on your sewing projects? Then you wouldn't feel so guilty having them laying around and not being used.

  2. Lovely to see you back, I am sure we have all been guilty of not visiting our blogs, love the key rings they are great. Sue x

  3. thanks chrissy and sue for still reading my blog xx, I've been away so long I thought I'd have lost my followers. Chrissy I came onto try the unfollowing/refollowing thing but thought I'd just try commenting again first and it just worked don't know why or how but I'm not complaining x

  4. Hey there Andie nice to hear from you, don't worry to much life takes over and keeping a facebook page and your website and folksy you are going to be busy busy. I like your fleece cushion, nice and cheerful looking.
    Have a good week now.
    best wishes Julie.C

  5. Great to have you back on blogger Andie - I've always loved you blogs & have been missing them as everyone else has too. I know we 'chat' on facebook but that's just little notes & comments - at least on here you can have a good old ramble..... (or rant as in the case of my last blog - !!).
    Glad to hear your busy with Andies Accessories but not surprised - lush makes.
    Keep up the weekly blogging please.
    Jo. xx

  6. Thanks for your comments blogettes nice to see i'm not forgotten xxx