Monday, 7 March 2011

Knitty weekend

Hi all hope everyone had a good weekend, It was rainy, cold and damp here on Saturday but on Sunday it was lovely and sunny, mind you I didn't really make the most of the nice day as I stayed inside. Tutut Andie you should have gone out and done the garden.!!!.  I stayed in though and did some knitting, not that I have anything to show for my hours clicking away with my needles.
Yesterday afternoon after I'd finished sewing up a cardi/jacket I'd finished knitting on saturday evening I started on a baby blanket. Its a pattern that my friend Eily shared with me for a throw that she is knitting and I have decided to adapt it to a pram blanket size for a baby.
I thought I had worked out the correct amount of stitches I needed to cast on for the width I wanted but I had forgotten that the bottom edge curves up because of the stitch pattern and so makes the width smaller. I knitted away happily for a few hours doing about 40 odd rows but then when I'd done enough to see how it hung properly I decided it was too narrow and pulled it all out. So now I have nothing to show for my hours of knitting!!!! I'm going to start it again today adding another pattern repeat to the width so its wider.
The wool I'm using is a  lovely soft chunky acrylic yarn in a pretty soft greeny colour called eau de nil. The pattern does look nice when its knitted and its quite easy to do and grows quickly with it being in chunky yarn and knitted on 10mm needles. 
I'm totally obsessed with baby knitting at the moment, I have a list as long as my arm of things I'd like to knit and quite a few balls of baby wool ready and waiting to be used. Its all Eilys fault because when she realised she was about to be a grandmother for the first time she asked me to knit some baby things for her and well ever since then my interest has been well and truly obsessed with baby things. 
So far I've knitted 3 baby cardis, a pram blanket and a pair of mary jane baby shoes. I also knitted two more odd mary janes using two different patterns which I didn't enjoy doing as much as the first pair so they are both still waiting for their partners. I also have some material to make a baby summer dress which I have already made a prototype for and hopefully will be able to make the proper one soon.
This baby sure wont be short of things to wear as Eily has also knitted quite a few things for her, cardis, hats and socks and she's sewn a beautiful cushion and decorative heart for its nursery. We seem to spend a lot of time at the moment sending baby patterns and photos back and forth and discussing what to make next we are well and truly baby obsessed lol.
Well I best go now as my fingers are itching to get started on this pram blanket AGAIN lol. Bye for now bloggettes happy crafting xxxxxxxx
Lemon baby cardi/jacket I finished this weekend


  1. Between you two this is going to be the most well-dressed little baby in Kingdom. I hope we get to have a fashion parade by the proud mother (and grand-mother(s) of the little outfits as she gets to wear them.

  2. Are you getting broodie Andie? All this baby knitting, he,he. I think its great you are making all these lovely items for baby. I do like your lemon cardi, its always a good colour to start with.
    best wishes Julie.C