Friday, 11 March 2011

I should be cleaning

Hi blogettes. Just a quickie today as I should really be busy cleaning the house and not sitting at the computer blogging etc. I do so hate to clean though so I'm easily distracted. If only someone else would pop in and do it for me while I sit procrastinating but unfortunately they dont. I've just been catching up on your blogs so thought I'd do a quickie on my own as I haven't blogged since monday.
Right so what have I been upto????.......... errrrrrrr well to be honest not too much really. I went to the hairdresser on wednesday for my haircolouring and cutting, I had quite short hair for a while but for the last few months have been trying to grow it into a short bob and its starting to look like one now which is good.
 One side falls better than other though as my left ear sticks out a little bit more than my right and has a tendency to poke through my hair on that side making it lay wrong. Maybe I should think about making a headband to wear to bed to stick my ear down more lol.
My mum always says my sisters ears stuck out a little as a baby and so she used to lay her down so she was resting on her ear to flatten it n then swap sides next time to make sure both were flattened back evenly. Well mum you obviously laid me on my right ear a lot more than my left !!!!!!!!!!!
Talking of my mum shes been under the weather this week, last week she started with a funny whurring noise in her ears and then early this week she started with a cold. We popped into see her on wednesday after the hairdressers and again yesterday evening and I put her some drops in her ears which does seem to be making her ears feel better but she still looked rather ill n shattered from her cold bless her. I hope she is feeling much better soon, my sister is coming down from scotland for a visit next week and I know mum will be hoping to be better for then.
Besides my couple of little trips out I've not been upto much, just the usual day to day housework etc and more knitting. I am definately addicted to baby knitting. I restarted the baby blanket I mentioned in my last blog on monday afternoon and finished it on wednesday evening. It was lovely to knit and as I have some wool left I'm going to knit another and give it to a group  my mum sometimes knits for who sell items and give the money to charity. 

Chunky knit pram blanket
Last night after we came back from mums I knitted another pair of mary jane bootees, this time in pink.  I wanted something small to knit in an evening so they were perfect. They just need some buttons on now and I can send them off to Eily. Before I start my next blanket I think I might make another little baby cardigan as I have another pattern I want to try and some wool just waiting to be used.
Well thats all for now blogettes I really should go and get on with some cleaning. Happy crafting everbody and have a great weekend x


  1. Its a lovely blanket Miss lop-sided ears. Poor you - at least it is only one ear - I tried growing my hair in early twenties and my ears stuck through like Mickey Mouses - hence always had short hair since. Cause my head is a tad on the little side (no brain see) any hat is always too big and the only thing that stops it coming down over my eyes are my big ears! Not a good look I tell you -
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Hehe... you obviously need on of my new hairbands Andie - lol. I've been having my hair cut into a bob for several years now - love the verstility of the style. I've had short bobs, long bobs and at the mo, just a chin length bob which I think is my fav. My ears are okay but my hair likes to do its own thing - my left side sits perfectly behaved but the right likes to kick out and has to be tamed with a severe straightening!!!

  3. Great knitting Andie, are you on Raverly by any chance? As for the hairdo, I have to say I do (excuse the pun) chop and change my "do" constantly. Just recently had it chopped off to chin length which I quite like so I'm going to try and remember to keep it like that (I hate having to sacrifice my Saturday to make the trip into the nearest town so I just leave it for ages).

  4. I love the blanket Andie you have done a wonderful job. Julie.C