Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Well I've been absent from my blog for a little while again.
My sister came down from scotland for a visit for a few days last week which was lovely. Mum, Ali and me went shopping on a couple of days (one of our favourite pastimes) and had a really nice time. Its Ali's birthday soon so it was a good opportunity for mum and I to find something for her birthday pressies. Its always lovely when Ali comes down for a few days and we get chance to go out somewhere as normally we tend to only visit each other overnight and don't get much time for trips out.
This week I've been getting ready to change the jewellery in the shop which stocks some of my jewellery in town. On monday afternoon and evening I made some new pieces to go with some others I made a couple of weeks ago and then yesterday mum and me priced up the pieces I was taking in and did a stock list for myself and Jan and then today I took them all in and swapped them over.
While I was putting out my new items a customer of Jans who was in the shop at the time had a look and was taken with a new bracelet and earrings and bought them. It was a lovely start to my sales which I hope will carry on. Jan paid me for the items she'd sold since I last went in so I now have a little bit more money to buy more beads and findings.
It was a lovely day today, nice and warm and I was a bit surprised when I went out this afternoon. I'd put my mac on thinking it would still be a little cool even though it was sunny but I was so warm especially on the bus. It was a glorious day and I discarded my coat for the trip home I do hope this weather continues, spring has sprung here in barnsley Yay!!!!
Here's mondays makings


  1. So glad you had a nice time with your sister, you sound like you are both close.
    You will always do well with selling your work Andie, I have been pleased with my purchases.
    best wishes Julie.C

    p.s. I have a change to my web add-

  2. Some mouth-watering colours there Andie and all nicely put together too. Not surprised that the lady snapped some up pretty quick, well done.

  3. Love all your stuff, but especially the red - stunning..!!
    Jo. xx