Sunday, 6 September 2009

First go at blogging

My first blog and wow now I'm stuck for what to put. I'm sure that will change and soon I'll be rabbiting on like a mad woman. I've created this blog to chronicle my crafts mainly jewellery making although I do like to knit and I am just getting back into sewing too.


  1. Blooming 'ell woman you short of something to say. That might have been 2009, it is now 2010 and you're no shortage of words now. How come your blog archive is so neat and tidy. I can't seem to put any order to mine. You've got 2010 as a link with your two posts. I can't even do that - HELP.

  2. Haha Chrissy, it is unusual me being short of something to say isn't it. I don't know how I made it tidy though so it could get untidy at some point.